Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weddings Cakes 2010

weddings cakes photoWeddings Cakes

Trends in wedding cake topper is growing by leaps and bounds from a boring solid duo familiar to us. You have drawn the kind of smile on the face of a plastic bride and groom in full dress, you know. Fortunately, this option these days, offers a really cool alternative to the cookie cutter image of the past. This means that couples are increasingly popular to show off your personality and wedding cake topped with an attractive figure of fun and unique. Comical. Option is for rich people who share a quirky sense of humor. Perhaps the groom is a self-described couch potato. Relax in the recliner and groom wild, remote, game controller, television, everything has a topper, there really! In partnership with the bride in her arms a furious look on her face, standing nearby. Maybe the bride is to take charge kind of gal. His bride and groom at the altar drag, standing in his underwear, the bride is wearing pants Fichatoppa her groom. At the time of his wedding, do you remember his Facebook status update for a man? "Cell phone fanatics," topper would have been perfect for him! Part of the conversation, always comical topper is ideal for playful couples.

weddings cakes pictureWeddings Cake

Sports theme. If the bride and groom share the love for the sport is a good choice to showcase cake topper is enthusiasm for it. Baseball is a passion for the bride and groom if they do not work really cool topper ready to throw the ball into the stands in a peaceful baseball bat. Football fans are football and his bride hiding under his arm may carry piggyback like the groom figurine. The groom is a hockey gear, with a golf bag, playing football, megaphone and there is a foam finger cheering bride. Love of sport is something that couples often share a common, yet they are necessary to enable them to receive no rousing rally. Have fun using a sport-themed cake topper is a great way to incorporate subtle passion. Romantic. Weddings, cake topper are all about love, emotions can be enhanced in several ways. If you are looking for tasteful and elegant figure, there is no need to look far. They face each other adoringly topper one of today's most popular line of sight of the market, offers the bride and groom to lift him. Couple share a kiss under a bit of quirky off cruise offers both the bride and groom and the sun umbrella. Another so as to enclose each other in a passionate embrace a couple, give a touch of spice. It is whimsical, charming and sexy, whether or sweet, romantic cake topper is a great classic choices.

weddings cakes wallpaperWeddings Cake

Theme. Theme weddings are increasingly popular for years. For your wedding, from a wide variety of beach-style topper bride and groom, casual barefoot simply elegant white starfish have. Cowboy figurines dance with his lovely bride with a western wedding bride and groom can enjoy a bride and groom or her the ropes. Lovers, fairy tales, Hollywood, heart, Celtic, Asian, and they are all fun, fashionable theme that has a case topper. Monogram. Are monogram cake topper really hot trend, I tend to stay here. The initial or monogram using the share name as a rich new options for couples. Modern sophisticated look, you can scroll through a simple, elegant choice for the character blocks brushed silver. Add some flash to the first fully covered in rhinestones and colored Swarovski crystals. Monogram, any style, offers an unforgettable symbol of the couple's new life together with matching colors and themes.

weddings cakes showWeddings Cakes

Very many options cake topper, but today, up to a narrow decision is difficult. Perhaps this is an ornament of those fun, why are making appearances in places other than just cake and gift table I hope well. Another trend is growing rapidly, is to use two wedding cakes. People have different tastes! The bride groom but loves red velvet, may love chocolate, it is becoming very popular to give them what they want either after all, it's on the cake What is the date of their Compromise? In this event, both the bride and groom can choose an individual cake topper, it can be fun to watch great choice! Themes, whether aimed at the traditional cake topper to suit a large selection of dolls and that interesting and attractive. For more information and combaine please your check on wedding cake photos.

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