Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Cake Accessories 2010

wedding cake accessories picturedesign your own wedding cake

Can be difficult to determine an upper layer of wedding cake. When it comes to wedding planning, so many options, there are many decisions to be created. The bride (groom) is a special she/I would like to tell the wedding of his personality and individualism. Wedding cake topper is one of the items that provide an opportunity to reflect the unique flavor and characteristics of one. Very interesting and eclectic, ranging from very traditional topper There are different types. Many brides start please select a cake with fresh flowers. In some cases only a few flowers and, flowers have been placed on the cake, the bride is done by the florist sometimes after consultation with the cake designer.

wedding cake accessories phototheme wedding cakes

You are royal icing cake designer, gum paste, you can choose a traditional design makes the butter cream frosting flowers. These will be the traditional choice for brides. Another twist of the traditional theme, create a monogram of the bride and groom's initials royal icing, put the icing initial monogram in the center of the flower bed. Different materials can be monogrammed as well. You can use twigs to represent a nature lover monogram. Topper cake decorating company created by the bride on a budget, you can choose from a variety of styles. These designs, wedding bells, doves, hearts, ribbons, and includes a cake designed to meet the other top level of the standard size.

wedding cake accessories wallpaperhumorous wedding cake toppers

Another style of cake topper is an ornament. Styles range from romantic and elegant figurines is very droll change. Some dolls are made of porcelain, resin and some plastic, some are custom made by the author of the cake from fondant or gum paste. Numbers, dance and love sitting in the change can be represented by the bride and groom standing. To look at the topper letters are intended to represent the actual user, or sometimes they are when they are like a cartoon is a cartoon character like Mickey Mouse and Minnie real.

wedding cake accessories showcomical wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake topper will provide an opportunity to showcase the wild sense of humor and the bride and groom. Who is the bride and groom figurine, couple standing beside each other, shall display or wear dresses and tuxedos, say? Some of the dolls, a couple of cars sitting in beach wear, or carry golf clubs, or. The sky is the limit here, the only thing you must remember that the future bride and groom, when you choose this very important aspect of a wedding is that it is a rule.

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