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Pink and Green Birthday Cake

Pink-Green Birthday Cake

Polkadot Plaid Pink-Green Cake Birthday

Green-Pink Hot Birthday Cake

Pink and Green Whimsie Cake Birthday

Green Pink Birthday Cake

Corporate gift hampers often contain items that are not specific to your company however so you might consider Buying a small gift as a token of your appreciation will definitely help to ensure you and your products and services remain in the minds of anyone who receives your gifts. It is human nature to want to be recognized and thanked for their hard work and loyalty. For the small amount of money it might cost on a once a year or twice a year basis to send the best customers your company has a small token of your appreciation the profits will increase ten fold or more.

Corporate gift hampers are a great way to thank the companies that help to make your company profitable and can even be written off on taxes as a business expense in most cases. When buying for a large group of people it can be hard to ensure you did not miss anyone so a hamper can help to make that task easier by mixing up the merchandise in it. The mix that you can put into a hamper is great because you can be almost guaranteed to have something for everyone in the company that you will be sending the hamper to. Corporate gift hampers often contain a mix of items from things for the desk top like mugs, desktop clocks, picture frames etc, things for the kitchen like coffee, chocolate, cheese etc, and things to drink like expensive wines or liquors such as port, aged whiskeys and Brandy wit their appropriate glasses.

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink ImagePink-Zebra Birthday Cake Ideas

Here are a few party planning tips to help you plan a party to remember: And why not - they are wild, chic and tons of fun! Throwing a hot pink zebra party has become very popular as of late.

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink PictureZebra Pink Pirate Birthday Cake

If you want to narrow down your choices to only 'hot pink' choices then be specific and put the color in front of the search term above. Simply type "zebra invitations" in your search bar and you'll have hundreds of choices at your fingertips. Whether you make them yourself or you purchase them from a party store or paper vendor, you won't believe your choices. Start with themed invitations.

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink PhotoZebra and Flowers Western Birthday Cake

Also, 'black and white' and 'pink and white' zebra cupcake liners are available for purchase although you will probably need to order them Type in "Zebra Cake Designs" for terrific ideas. Go to and then click on "Images" in the upper left hand section of the screen. Need inspiration?

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink TopPink-Zebra Birthday Cake

Refreshments: Dessert is the easiest way to incorporate the theme into your party with either a zebra print decorated cake or cupcakes. 3. Black plastic cutlery is available at most party stores. Hot pink, black or zebra print napkins and plates will also look great at your party.

Birthday Cake with Zebra and Hot Pink ShowPink and Zebra First Birthday Cake

So do pink and black crepe paper streamers that are coiled together. Wrapping flower pots or vases in hot pink or black tissue paper (or a combination of both) looks wonderful. No need to buy special 'zebra' decorations; instead work with hot pink, black and white accents. Decorate for the occasion.

Birthday Cake with Pink Leopard

Hot Pink Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake with Pink Leapord

Birthday Cake With Pink Ribbons

Pink Birthday Cake Special

Pink-Yellow Cake Box Birthday Cakes

Awesome. It's junior's birthday, and you're planning on hosting a scavenger hunt for him and his friends. You Can Make Your Own There are many other ways you could go with this; the point is to keep it interesting, and have a good time! But it never gets as hot as a !" That would obviously be "candle", and you could hide the next clue next to the box of candles. Another birthday scavenger hunt rhyme that I've used is "When it's hot out, on your foot you might wear a sandal. But for a three to five-year-old child, I think it works.

Granted, if your son is seven years old, clues like that most likely aren't going to be all that difficult - maybe even a bit insulting! Put frosting on me; I'm called a !", they might get a kick out of it and learn something in the process. So if we start off with "I taste good on birthdays, and I'm something you bake. I guess the point of doing all of this for our kids isn't just to entertain them; it's to help them build creative-thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

I did the same thing last year for my daughter, and I'll share with you a couple of the clues I used, as well as a fun way to introduce this idea to the party. Maybe we can help! And you want them to at least give the impression of having a little creativity. But you need clues, and you're not sure where to begin, right?

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Unique Birthday Cakes For Girls 2010




21 st-Birthday-Cakes-For-Girls


Unique Birthday Cakes For Kids






Unique Birthday Cakes For Adults 2010

Square Parcell Birthday Cake For Adults





Unique Birthday Cake 2010