Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pink and Green Birthday Cake

Pink-Green Birthday Cake

Polkadot Plaid Pink-Green Cake Birthday

Green-Pink Hot Birthday Cake

Pink and Green Whimsie Cake Birthday

Green Pink Birthday Cake

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Corporate gift hampers are a great way to thank the companies that help to make your company profitable and can even be written off on taxes as a business expense in most cases. When buying for a large group of people it can be hard to ensure you did not miss anyone so a hamper can help to make that task easier by mixing up the merchandise in it. The mix that you can put into a hamper is great because you can be almost guaranteed to have something for everyone in the company that you will be sending the hamper to. Corporate gift hampers often contain a mix of items from things for the desk top like mugs, desktop clocks, picture frames etc, things for the kitchen like coffee, chocolate, cheese etc, and things to drink like expensive wines or liquors such as port, aged whiskeys and Brandy wit their appropriate glasses.

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