Thursday, August 12, 2010

Unusual Wedding Cakes 2010

The wedding topper is one of the main attractions at any wedding reception. There is no better way to get the reception at the wedding off to a perfect start than by choosing an unusual wedding topper. Beautiful scenes of nature, a pair of As part of the decorations even the correct military medals for bravery may be shown! There are also the military wedding toppers which depict the couple in the military uniform - ready for battle! The clothes can be the actual ones the couple will be wearing on the wedding day. In the traditional cake topper we see the figures of the groom and the bride but you can still see the groom in a black tail coat and the bride in a customary white wedding gown.

The serious type unique wedding are classified as more traditional in nature, while the more recently popular ones are the humorous and comical ones. One is the serious type or one sending out a social message that both he bride and the groom feel strongly about and the other is the comical and humorous wedding cake topper. Choose your style: There are two types of cake. However these designs are fading away quite fast and are being replaced by unusual and unique wedding cake toppers. A growing range of some quite unusual unique wedding toppers are seen as compared to the old fashioned wedding toppers that displayed the figures of the groom in a black mourning dress and the bride with a long white wedding gown, complete with the veil.

Just remember when making your choice to keep the size of the cake in mind, you don't want a small topper on. Toy Kit Stores you could find kits from cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and more you can even paint these in colors of your choice. Religious Stores you could find items that would suit your Christian wedding theme. Gift Stores that specialize in figurines and ornaments, you can almost any type of figurine here from funny to medieval designs.

Local markets, here you just may find someone who specializes in blown glass, they may be able to create a custom wedding cake topper for you. Antique stores can be the best place to find an old ornament or statuette that would be suitable for vintage cake toppers. Garden centers are another great source for wedding cake toppers you can find many garden theme items here from cute caterpillars to garden picks that can easily be adapted Pet stores for ship wrecks and other items that you would find in fish tanks these would be perfect for a beach wedding theme, you can even find large shells here that could be incorporated into the cake.

You never know you might find the perfect topper at the: Toys stores are the perfect place to find unique wedding cake toppers as well as funny wedding cake toppers; they have a large range of small toys that could suit your wedding theme. If you are having trouble finding a wedding topper think outside the box.

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