Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake 2010

Wedding Decoration Cake

There are numerous ways to use hearts within your ceremony. Or create the wreath entirely from red carnations, which would be perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding. For the ultimate in romance, add red or pink roses to the greenery in the wreath. Another great idea is to use fragrant herbs for your heart wreath, especially rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

You could opt for the classic elegance of a boxwood wreath for a simple look. Hang them from wide satin ribbons in your wedding colors. When your guests arrive at the ceremony venue, greet them with heart shaped wreaths on the doors of the church or other ceremony site. There are Swarovski crystal heart bridal jewelry sets, silver engraveable heart shaped enhancers to add to a classic pearl strand, and sparkly clips and barrettes which can be used to add some elegance to your wedding hairstyle.

Celebration Birthday Cakes

Hearts are great for brides, too, of course. For a bit of drama, opt for the rich red crystal bridesmaid jewelry hearts, or choose a clear crystal pendant which will be very versatile for her to wear in the future. Crystal heart shaped pendants make fabulous bridesmaid jewelry gifts. A lovely way to begin using a heart motif is with the wedding jewelry.

Wedding Cake Heart White

These are some wonderful ideas on how to use heart shaped accents to play up the romantic side of your wedding day. There are so many charming ways to include the heart motif in your special day, whether it is used as the main theme, or just as a few details here and there. Hearts are the most timeless symbol of love and romance, which makes them ideal for a wedding.

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