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Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes | Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake should be light colors such as beige, pink, yellow and peach. Blue and lilac and lavender hues can also be used. The colors and cake design should match the theme of the party.

sweet 16 birthday cakes picturesSweet 16 Birthday Cakes Pictures

A multilevel cake with fondant decorations of flowers pink or peach is great for parties with a theme costume ball. Celebrant is to look like a princess with a pink dress and tiara ball, and guests wore costumes.

my super sweet 16 birthday cakesMy Super Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

Another idea for cake princess theme is to make small tarts and they are in a cake with multiple layers. Trim them with small flowers of icing. If well placed, small cake as flowerpots in a garden of flowers would look. You can choose a color, or pastel pink mixed yellow and orange. This cake would also be ideal if the party is a ballerina theme. A fairy theme would be nice too, with guests carrying sticks and wearing bright pink wings.

sweet 16 birthday cakes for girlsSweet 16 Birthday Cakes for Girls

The small cakes, round, put on glaze color and to ensure the cake would look like bubbles or balloons. This would be for a theme party for children, where guests can dress as cute children. Instead of round cakes you can decorate also a square or rectangular, each with color glaze, so they look like little gift boxes.

tiered sweet 16 birthday cakesTiered Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

With a little creativity, have fun with an icing bag and create models of packaging paper and ribbons to simulate. Or you can decorate to look like small trucks and cars of different colors. This cake idea can be used for any theme party.

Beautiful  sweet 16 birthday cakesBeautiful Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

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