Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfect Denies Obama Birthday Cakes

Denies Obama birth cake pictureDenies Obama birth cake

Born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in Southampton, New York, and Wall Street stock broker John Vernou Bouvier III and Janet Norton Lee. Jacqueline was a younger sister Caroline Lee, known as Lee, was born in 1933. Her parents divorced in 1940 and married her mother, Standard Oil heir Hugh D. Auchincloss, Jr. in 1942. Through marriage to Janet II, Jacqueline gained half sister and half brother, James and Janet Auchincloss. The family of her mother, and me, mostly of Irish descent, her father John Vernou Bouvier III was a three-sixteenths remaining French and English. Born Michel Bouvier, and Jacqueline, great-grandfather, in France and was a contemporary of Joseph Bonaparte and Steven Gerrard. The Louise Vernou was cabinetmaker based in the city of Philadelphia, and the dealer real estate speculator. [Citation needed] wife Michal, the daughter of John Vernou, and cigarettes migr French and Elizabeth Clifford Lindsay, an American woman born. Jacqueline grandfather, John Vernou Bouvier Jr., on the model of the more noble for his family in his own conceit family history book of our ancestors. Came a picture of an American family most of these genealogical imagination: Scholarships in recent research done by his cousin, Jacqueline, John H. Davis, in his book Bouviers.

Denies Obama birthday cake photoDenies Obama birthday cake

Denies Obama birth party topDenies Obama birth party

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