Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cool Chocolate Christmas Cookie Design Ideas

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Holiday Tree Christmas is up, lights Holiday Birth is tweaking the front yard, are sending cards Holiday Birth and the shopping and wrapping all the gifts and it's only 5 December! Does this sound like your life? Probably,.. No! During this holiday season, but the busy festive there is a lot to do and little time. However, amid the hustle and bustle, there is one holiday tradition that should not be left out of your list. Taking a rest on the afternoon of the weekend, and collect your children or grand children and have a holiday bake-a-thon. All our children are grown and scattered around the country and this is one tradition I miss dearly. From the time they were little we spent a few hours baking cakes Holiday Christmas each holiday season. It is such a beloved tradition I still mailboxes cookies each and every one of them before the Holiday date.

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Yes, they will be the beginning of a gala Christmas, but this box of cakes Holiday Christmas is just a small reminder of your favorite family traditions. When my children were young, and I admit us bread cake Holiday Birth Day did not try to Sabri. However, they loved it so much, I did not have the heart to disappoint them. There are four of them in an attempt to help measure, mix, mix and fold in a multitude of components. Then, of course, they want all hands to decorate cookies. One year I tried a short cut and bought a "slice and bake" cookies but the children insisted that these were not "real cookies." About 4 years, as you would bread with the last one left at home, and discovered the shortcut amazing.

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Betty Crocker cake mix in a bag. I have no affiliation with the Betty Crocker other than the recommendation of a great personality! This mix is not quite as fast slice of bread, but you actually make the dough! Add butter or oil, eggs, mix, and presto. Batch of dough. You can roll the dough to make the figurative, as well as additional components such as white chocolate chips or spoon just balls of dough and you're ready to bake and decorate. 20 minutes later, you have a group of Cakes Holiday Birth easy and delicious! Best of all, delicious cookies come out like the recipe home in time for free.

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Cake mixes include chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal, peanut butter and even ginger. So you can quickly and easily offer a variety of fun Holiday Cakes Christmas. Add a variety of decorating sugars, and sprinkles, candies, raisins or dried cranberries to bread and your kids can have a ball decorating their own cookies. Ou can now stress free holiday baking session with your children. Conclusion fun to bake your cake Christmas holiday, and Thun, and children can conclude cookies and delivered a gift to family, friends or neighbors.

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