Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Birthday Cake Flowers

birthday cake flowers+birthday cake flowershow to make a birthday cake out of live flowers

One of the more complex and sophisticated way cake decorating is to decorate them with flowers on the cake. Have not seen these flowers are only good, they can have a pleasant taste, too. It beginners how to design a cake edible flowers takes a fair amount of technical know you can create a simple flower for the topping on the cake. The flowers are expanded company enough to make edible ice should be used to shape the design of your choice. Most of the bread store to store commercial shape offers a simple icing. Also, you can make your own icing, you need to make sure that you have it right consistency.

birthday cake flowers+birthday cake flowerssquare birthday cake with flowers

All different types of flowers you will need another way to create them. Some flowers, that can only be created by other professionals is relatively simple. Rose, and complex designs is particularly difficult because of multiple layers. In addition, some icing, but you can choose the color of your flowers as well as the color may come in already, you can also add your own colors. What it wants to use food coloring to color the icing can be.

birthday cake flowers+birthday cake flowersdo you put flowers on a man's birthday cake

One simple flower is daisy-chained. First, you need to prepare the icing on the form that is ready and consistency as appropriate. Roll to a thickness of about cm, icing out too long you're planning to create a lot of Daisy, please do not use icing. Take the cookie cutter yen, if necessary, cut more circles. Because such a large number of flower petals, as well as the layout of the clock, you need to create a circle space for each row to avoid them. The numbers 1,2,4,5, 7,8,10,11 going to put a clock line, which gives eight petal flowers.

birthday cake flowers+birthday cake flowersbirthday cake made of flowers

Pressing the shape of the ice not far from the center of the circle is like the daisy chain. Perhaps you should have a center in the middle please add some sweets and chocolate in the center of the circle of this daisy. Until you have a lot of flowers, if necessary, continue this process. Place the wax paper on top of the icing is still very very soft, cool, dry place it will be able to stiffen it. Then, remove the paper and transfer the cake.

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