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Pig Birthday Cake 2010

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Social and pretty easy to take care still relatively cheap Peru, guinea pigs originating from Bolivia is a wonderful pet. However, many animal owners know most beginners are not guinea pigs. In fact, the guinea pigs, like other small rodents, the disease is rather delicate in cold draft contract instances can be fatal for them within a very short period of time.The most common mistake made by inexperienced owners of the guinea pigs are as follows: incorrect placement of the cage. The temperature is bad for guinea pigs too high or too low either. They are easily above 90F temperature (30C) 20 degree heat stroke can also get in (10C) can be at temperatures below the freezing. Drafts, it can cause pneumonia as well be avoided. Please take measures mistake. Guinea holds the right way to pick up the front legs around your thumb, place your hand under the body and hands to support the weight of the second half under the second. Guinea pigs may be attracted to fur and legs. Do not clip your nails. Because nails grow, it gets in the way of guinea pigs, at least once a month, you must perform regularly. If you damage a long nail, which may lead to infection or abscess.

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Use a wire mesh cage bottom. Their small feet, so slip through the mesh of metal frustrating, causing damage or disease, called bumblefoot foot guinea pigs and this is not a good idea. A soft bed cage with solid floor, such as pelletized paper are much better.Figure 6 shows the arrangement boar) sow without being prepared together with the results a small bunch of guinea pigs. If you have not been castrated male and female guinea pig breeding guinea pigs is a common cause of descendants in. mate with all the possibilities, if not fully aware of the results is not recommended. Has not become a guinea pig-proof houses. There are many dangers in the typical family of guinea pigs slowly. The man, doors, what can fall, but can squeeze a guinea pig or something anything includes the most obvious move. Another cable guinea pigs, chewing on electric cables in front of all the food is not very good! Many of them (such as figs and azaleas), causing food poisoning if chewed green plant is a potential threat to the health of another guinea pig. Sufficient to clean the cage regularly and often. Guinea pigs are clean animals, I feel miserable dirty cage. Poor hygiene is often a reason for serious diseases and various infections. Whole guinea pig cage thoroughly (better times) should be cleaned at least once a week update bedding. Food, water pipe bowl must be cleaned daily.

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Provide sufficient space and exercise. A very common sight in a small corner of the cage to move from that place almost all day, hunched a guinea pig. When combined with unlimited access to dry food, this is a sure way to create a fat guinea pig, significantly reduces the life span. Guinea pigs, the same basic principle applies to humans slim is better. Yasushi Ken guinea pig. Pigs should not feel soft to the touch wobbly company. Method, your guinea pig to confirm that overweight is a good way not enough space (at least in adult guinea pigs 3-4 sq ft), advanced exploration outside of the cage usually play together toys, include limited access to food (eg, eating twice a day). Inadequate bedding. In particular, wood shavings, is used very frequently, are not good bed of guinea pigs. Their feet hurt, cavies delicate eye injuries, many shavings causes respiratory (lung) may cause problems associated with wood dust. And several types of wood. Redwood and cedar are also also contains oily components can cause allergies and illness in guinea pigs.

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Inadequate food. This probably is the most frequent cause of illness and death in a pet guinea pig. In particular, provide a lot of vegetables such as lettuce is wet can cause diarrhea in guinea pigs can be fatal within a day or two. Lack of access to water (eg, guinea pigs can not drink enough and failed to notice that the ball is stuck gravity water bottles), leading to dehydration is also quite dangerous. As a result of providing water in the open, feces and litter, bowls instead of the bottle can lead to contamination of various infectious diseases. Please you must log on to transformers birthday cake 2010 for more information.

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