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Christmas Birthday Cake 2010

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All the special days and events, we are as children, many of our most memorable birthday, a thing of the past. This is because most people care about our lives, to celebrate the day participate in the world, the celebration of everything that we have. To celebrate this occasion in style for you and create some memories for those who care about a birthday cake for my birthday every component is essential. Birthday cake, traditionally, the bright colors, elaborate patterns and designs are made. Your style and taste by now most people in most cultures, ages, religions, are associated with birthdays. This question, this tradition, the appeal did not start first?

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The first known usage of the flavor, to celebrate a birthday treat was in ancient Greece. Congratulations if you were, honey cakes and breads are baked for a special birthday meal. This is a very traditional Greek family still had to go today, it is common to use a more modern celebration cakes more than that. Next appearance in history is the Roman society. Most end of the scale, birthday party held at a private home for a person who has it, there was. Again, this is the bread and honey cake. Royal birthday, the menu was delicious treats festival was held in a large scale. It went from a carnival, a national celebration for the prince.

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The third generation in history was in the Middle Ages in Germany. Christmas celebration, eating and baking of the thymus, as a modern cake, presented by the flour made from recipes. The thymus, baked in the form of baby Jesus. This is similar to the possibility that the first ancestor of today's recipe, sponge cake today. Popularized the idea of a birthday cake, the next place was England. Thimble, used for baking food products such as cakes valuable coins. Then they baked in the oven, the cake mix mixture. Participants eat the birthday cake and received a bit of what you cut it when the idea was reflected in what your life will go on, was that. Successful coin thimble for the good life in poverty and loneliness. Cake, coin-shaped candy, candy, when everything else has been decorated, it is still used in some birthday cake today.

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Birthday cake today, but is divided between your birthday has taken a whole new meaning, eaten in celebration of the birthday recipient. These cakes, logs, more complex, there are many different designs of birthday cake as possible imagining. They are the Christian community, and especially most of today's celebration. They represent a living person whose birthday is often several years, the number of candles are mounted. And they will be blown out birthday wishes to the tradition.

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