Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Are you throwing a Mickey Mouse birthday party? Theme cakes are really easy to make and you can find loads of resources on the Internet. Use black and white dye to paint the rodent's face. For you birthday cake try the old mouse face cake. Then you need matching Mouse food. For topping other cakes and some desserts you can also use miniature Disney characters. Some have the mouse painted, others are even shaped like him! You can find themed candles for your Mickey Mouse party at almost any department store. Also for the birthday cake don't forget the candles. Alternatively you can order one from the nearest bakery- they are so popular that many bakeries are used to making them.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

You can find them in various forms, ranging from the white with the mouse's face painted to ones picturing entire scenes with the Disney gang. Finally, don't forget to serve your food in Mickey Mouse plates and and other themed party supplies. These are the colors Mickey Mouse is usually painted with and they help establish the theme.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

You may also have some yellow here and there. As for the colors to use in your food, invest in red, white and black. If you are planning on having cupcakes there are the cutest toppings available, little Mickey and Minnie Mouse toppings that look adorable on small individual cakes. Your kid will even love that after the party he'll have some extra toys to play with! You can find them at the nearest Disney store, and even on common toy stores.

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