Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lego Birthday Cake 2010

Lego Birthday Cake

Lego Party Ideas. Kids just love having their faces painted and they will not care that you have a different sponge for each color. Keep it simple i.e. You will obviously need to check that the child has no allergies and don't paint over open cuts. When they arrive offer to paint their face. As Lego is such a colorful theme, you can ask the guests to dress up in different colors like a costume. Themed invitations are one of the many items you can choose from Legoville party supplies. Whichever Lego Party Idea you chose, send out Legoville party invitations letting your party guests what your theme is.

Lego Birthday Cake

Or go with a SpongeBob Lego theme, a Lego firetruck theme or a police party or even a beach party if you chose the Lego City Coastguard Theme. Lego covers so many different themes themselves you could find yourself having a Star Wars party with Lego Star Wars characters, that is a very popular Lego theme. There are plenty of Lego party ideas to choose from. It is a great toy for constructing all types of things, from houses to working models of cars or trains.

Lego Birthday Cake

For example, most boys are into Lego in some way or another. Initially it may seem like there is more organizing but once you have an agenda, it is really simple. When you are planning a child's birthday idea, why not go for a themed one. Lots of kids party games and even some easy ways to decorate that special Lego birthday cake. You can find plenty of fun party supplies when Legos is the party theme. When you are planning your next child's birthday party why not take a look at Legos for your theme. what child doesn't love to play with Lego toys?

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