Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Cakes 2010

Star Wars Birthday Cakes Clone Wars

If your friends or your child's friends are an inventive bunch you can have a session where guests speculate and produce tall tales about what happens between Episodes III and IV as well as what occurs Otherwise it's a great idea but you may want to break it up into 2 years' worth of festivities. Perfect if your birthday falls on or around a 3-day weekend such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. If you are genuinely adventurous you can do a back-to-back showing of all six films though this makes for a very long weekend sort of party.

Star Wars Birthday Cakes Ninja Wariors

If you want to take affairs a step further you can also have your invitees come dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters from all 6 films. This is perfect for an all night or all day sort of party as it provides breaks in between the showings and loads of time to incorporate some serious snack making or pizza ordering without meddling with the DVDs being shown in the back ground. First of all, you could have a classic Star Wars event with the pilot Episodes (IV, V, and VI) showing one after the other throughout the party. There are many ways you can go that will bring the theme to light in a way that permits everyone to have fun.

If your special birthday girl or boy is a devotee of these films this is the can't miss party theme to add to your perfect birthday party list. Kids of all ages from find the world that was created by Star Wars creator George Lucas to be an immeasurably bewitching world in which to permit their imagination and fantasies to take flight in that galaxy far, far away. Even though there hasn't been a recent film release, Star Wars is still a popular favorite among fans new and old.

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