Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Birthday Cake 2010

Best-Pig-Birthday-Cake 2010

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Coolest-Birthday-Best-Cake 2010

Although I’ve made my share of vanilla layer cakes, such as this delicious one for that wedding cake or this one that everyone needs in their repertoire because it is infinitely memorize-able, I hadn’t yet found the perfect yellow layer cake It’s just that it has always been on my agenda to crack the code at home, using the kind of ingredients I’m a little more proud to put my efforts behind. But I’m not knocking on Duncan Hines, or anyone else who like me, thinks they do a frighteningly good job of making a consistently perfect, moist and plush yellow layer cake. It’s the Smitten Kitchen, after all: People have expectations!

Apparently and yes, probably ridiculously central to my image of the kind of mom I want to be is not to have to turn to a box of Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Recipe Golden (anyone else ever been perplexed by this wording?) cake mix to get a reliably perfect two-layer celebration cake. But me, I actually had a moment of panic because I hadn’t yet found the perfect yellow layer cake recipe. Some people find out they’re going to be parents and you know, after the whole “May Babies!” cheer has simmered down a bit freak out because they haven’t yet a) traveled the world, b) made their first million, paid off all of their debt and saved up enough for $200 toys for their little snowflake or c) well, grown up yet.

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