Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Cake Decorating 2010

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I recently baked, and found my passion for cake decorating. I decorate my daughter's preschool and birthday cupcakes wanted to learn the techniques that turned out to be more fun. Wilton Cake Decorating so I signed up for classes at the local Michael's store. I bake a cake, cupcakes, every week, they will find fun and exciting new way of decoration, it interferes with one of my goals: lose weight. Now, without sacrificing my health, I can continue my new found hobby?

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After two babies, my kids than before, and found myself a lot of weight and it must flow. I re-joined the local gym, I reduced the load of 20 pounds already. The last 10 pounds that turned out to be certainly not helped by baking cakes and hard to lose. It is attractive to eat only a small portion of sweet goodness, too. I have one good way is to invite many people, they found the mass of the calories fed. Or for a specific occasion, and bake.

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This method is not stuck at home on your cake. In the future I will be automatically registered for each event that requires a cake in kindergarten. So far I was cupcake decorating for Halloween, Easter could enjoy birthday and the decorating. The ounces, without getting the girl to enjoy homemade cakes and cupcakes can be used all the excess weight can have a husband can eat all those calories.

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I'm not the only person to face such challenges that I have a way to deal with it because not sure. My goal next year is to get it to the next level, with the help of a workout, cake decorating classes are admitted to losing those stubborn 10 pounds. You can not decorate a cake is always baked, eat it.

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