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Christmas Cake Recipes 2010

Christmas Cake Recipes PhotoChristmas Cake Recipes

Wedding cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas is mandatory. You can even bake a cake right now, and decorating themselves. In addition to the savings it is fun. The main ones are professional cake recipe here. Good recipes, by-step instructions, and the palate - then you can create a professional cake tickling. However, baking is an art and, please keep in mind so you get the perfect after only a couple of tries. Here are the two most popular recipes of the cake professional. Birthday cake : Materials Required, White sugar 1 / 2 cup, Flour - 2 & 1 / 2 cup, Whipped Cream - 2 cups, Fresh Milk - 2 / 3 cup, Egg - 1, Vegetable shortening - 1 / 3 cup, Fresh strawberries - 3 cups, Baking powder - 4 tsp, Salt - pinch.

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Preparation. Please keep a half cup of sugar and cut into thin slices and strawberries. Baking powder in a bowl flour, shortening, sugar and salt mix, keep it aside. In another bowl, and then log in using a blender mix milk and egg. Pour, stir it into batter. Transfer batter to the pan with oil. Bake 20 minutes in the oven, preheat 220 degrees Celsius. Remove from pan and cool cake. Cut the strawberries on the spread between the two layers. Cream dress. Are you ready for your specialty birthday cake! Raisins - 450 g Butter - 300 g,Christmas cake component: Flour - 300 g, Eggs - 6, Brown Sugar - 300 g, Black currant - 525 g, The cherries, cut two 2 - 165 gm to, Chopped mixed peel sugar - 110 g, Brandy - 3 tablespoons, Spice powder - 1 / 2 tsp, Cinnamon powder - 1 / 2 tsp and Lemon zest, a pinch of salt.

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Preparation. Take a 9 inch cake pan lined with parchment. Flour, raisins, currants, cherries, add one egg after another and Bouruinchiremon and sugar until fluffy skin with salt. Add a small amount of flour and fruit. Add brandy and mix well. Transfer gas mark 3 and 4 1 / 2 hours of batter into baking pan. Remove to cool it. This ice can be a few days. Please your logon christmas birthday cake.

Christmas Cake Recipes PictureChristmas Cake Recipes

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