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Red Special Love Party 2010

If your daughter is due a birthday soon, have you thought about her party? Throwing the perfect Girl Birthday Party can be somewhat overwhelming, after all, you want your little angel to have a memorable day. But what if you have no sense of where to begin. Birthday party planning need not be a nightmare or a stressful period. Do not forget that the birthday party planning can be part of the excitement and fun. Parents are notoriously competitive and none more so when it comes to throwing a birthday party for their kids. Let us not forget however, that this is all about someone else and not you. If you are working on a tight budget, as many of us are, then do not worry as the perfect Girl Birthday Party need not break the bank. With some imagination and a little bit of arts and craft you can produce a fabulous party for very little money that your little birthday girl will love.
The simpliest way to organise a girl birthday party is to have a themed party. The benefit of a theme is that you can simply apply the theme to each step of the birthday party planning. Theme the invitations, venue, party food, games and right through to the party bags and not forgetting the thankyou cards.

Choosing a Theme:
There lot are lots of themes one can choose, including some "out of the box" and branded themes you can get at the supermarket and party shop. I find that the best approach is to think about what toys, hobbies or music the girl in question is into. Does she like Princesses (which little girl does not), Pampering, makeup, High School Musical, American Idol, Ice Skating, Fairies and so on? The list can be endless. Whatever the theme, the principle process is the same, and you apply the theme to each stage.

Birthday Party Planning:
Let us look at one of the most popular themes for a girls birthday party, the Princess Party. As we know, most little girls love to be pampered and play the part of a princess (however hard we may try to break these stereotypes!). Simply apply the theme to the party planning process stage by stage.

Stage 1-The Invitations:
You can either make the invites yourself or have them made for you. I think making them, and getting the birthday girl involved helps build excitement for the event. Since it is a Princess theme, why not make it a Royal invite to a Princess Ball. Imagine it is the sort of invite a princess in a fairytale might receive. Use appropriate fairy tale language, for example
"You are cordially invited to the Royal Birthday Party of Princess {name}, The Theme will be Princesses, so all Princesses and Princes welcome, please come in your best Princess, Knight or Princes outfit (if including boys)."
Make the invite feel royal, maybe adding pictures of fairytale princesses (most of these will probably be Disney!) and add sparkles. Maybe placing the invite in an envelope and adding glitter. Or how about a royal scroll, tided with a ribbon. Let your imagination run wild, and look at fairytale books or Disney films for ideas.

Stage 2-Theme the venue:
Whether you are having the party in your home, or at a hired venue, you should dress the venue accordingly. Use Princess colours (pink, lavender) and maybe make little thrones by sticking cardboard throne shapes, painted gold, to the chairs. Cut out turret shapes from cardboard and paint and add to the walls or front door, to give a castle like feel. Cover the tables in pretty pink table clothes and sprinkle with candies and sparkles. Add balloons and ribbons, thus creating a really special royal feel.

Stage 3-Food:
A Princess Party deservues Royal food. So how about Princess Pizza, or cut out Tiara cookie shapes. Have a birthday cake made on the Princess theme. You can buy a lot of these in a castle or shape of a princess, or with a princess picture on it. Be imaginative, and think how you can apply the chosen theme to every aspect of the food and drink.

Stage 4-Games:
How about a game of Cinderella. Get a high heeled show (preferably from a dressing up box or an old one you do not want), and cover in sparkles or spray silver. Voila! A glass slipper. Now take another old shoe. The game is a bit like pass the parcel, in that the girls all sit around in a circle, and while the music is playing they pass the "glass" slipper around. When the music stops (or yo can ring a bell) then it is "midnight" and the girl holding the glass slipper has to swap it with the old shoe and sit in the middle of the circle". She now has charge of the bell. They all take it in turns passing the glass slipper around. At the end of the game, everyone gets a little "royal" prize. Or just apply the theme to traditional party games like musical statues, or pass-the-parcel. For instance pin the wings on the dragon instead of Tale On The Dragon, Pass the poison apple, an adaptation of pass the shoe.

Stage 5-Activities:
How about some art and craft activities, making royal picture frames, with sparkles and glitter, then take photographs of each little princess guest, so they can add it to their frame, as a souvenir.

Stage 6-Party Bags:
Party Bags or Favour Bags, can be made to feel like a special royal gift. With "princess" items and candy added accordingly. Again, do not just put the little gifts in a normal bag. decorate the bag, or find little boxes, and make them sparkle or feel special by decorating with ribbons and glitter.
The above are just some of the key stages of birthday party planning that provide you an opportunity to theme. Remember, it is not about the expenditure, it is about the imagination, and if you are handy with the old arts and crafts, you can make a girl birthday party something to remember. With my own "little princess" I find I am accompanying her to many birthday parties, and am constantly thinking of themes and ideas. For great ideas check girl birthday party ideas.

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